An international interactive course presented online,

exploring the creative and stimulating Power of Thinking at the Edge.
We will help you open the mystery behind TAE through playful and meaningful exercises.


We have offered two courses for US and European persons so far.

We now make A Taste of TAE accessible to Focusers of the Eastern part of the world and to those of you who like challenging hours. With playful and meaningful exercises, we help you to explore and experience the essence of TAE, without going through the specific 14 steps.


We look forward to

  ... exploring the spirit of TAE and helpin to integrate it in every day life,

  ... finding our own meanings behind words,

  ... accessing pieces of Music and Art, Texts in a Focusing/TAE way and

      experiencing it’s bodily resonance,

  ... discussing your own questions and issues with TAE.


In Thinking at the Edge (TAE) we connect to the implicit meaning in observations, sentences, words, experiences … and let our own expressible meaning emerge. Sensing into the “the more” about a topic – a word, a story, a piece of art …  can open new and deep insights into the topic and also about our own being human in the world.


Dates and Times

Five web-based  2-hour-classes 

Fridays 7 am – 9 am Central Europe Time


- October 19, 2018 Convert to your time

- November 2, 2018 Convert to your time

- November 16, 2018 Convert to your time

- November 30, 2018 Convert to your time

- December 14, 2018 Convert to your time


Note: Your time may differ for individual dates due to clocks changes from Daylight Saving Time.

Costs and Payment 

- US $150.00 for six classes, paid in advance.

- A percentage will go to The International Focusing Institute.

- Please pay in advance by Paypal to aTasteofTAE@gmail.com

- Or send your check to Wendi S. Maurer, Ph.D.

- Please note "A Taste of TAE."



 - The classes are taught through Zoom. The information to get easy

     access will be sent upon payment.

 - The number of participants will be limited.

 - Those who miss a class will be provided with the course-documents.


Questions and further Information

  Please address your questions to

  Wendi Maurer or Hanspeter Mühlethaler


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We are looking forward to meeting you soon on Zoom


Dr. Wendi Maurer
Focusing Oriented Psychologist drwendimaurer.com

8813 Villa La Jolla Drive, #2002

La Jolla, CA 92037

(619) 701-7999

Dr. Hanspeter Mühlethaler

Physicist, Focusing Trainer TIFI


Falkenweg 10

4600 Olten, Switzerland

+41 79 619 9519