What participants said about A Taste of TAE

So creative. The fairy tale exercise, my first, really engaged my imagination and that of my partner. I have recommended this session to a number of people because my overall impression is that it is very well formatted, led, received, and valuable. Both teachers have such depth of understanding, combined with such a delightful creativity in exploring the many aspects of TAE. It is perfect for me.”


Teacher’s expertise in TAE and supporting group members is great. Class feels safe.


I like the playfulness…not taking things too seriously. It helps to generalize my focusing muscle into different areas (writing, music, art, photography)


It's a welcoming, non-judgmental, open-ended space to explore and develop the skills embodied in the TAE strategy.


It offers the chance to bring TAE practices more into daily life and get playful with them. It’s helpful when teachers live what you teach.


A Taste of TAE is a delicious interactive course skillfully facilitated by Hanspeter Muhlethaler and Wendi Maurer who are providing a friendly and stimulating learning experience. It is offering me an opportunity to explore with curiosity and to be imaginative as I expand the edges of my thinking. I find it informative about the essence of TAE itself.


"A Taste of TAE” is one of my all-time favorite classes! To have two such dedicated, compassionate, expert facilitators, Drs. Wendi Maurer and Hanspeter Muehlethaler, was a joy and a wonder! Such deep understanding of the practice, such enthusiasm in the sharing, and such commitment to making TAE accessible to all, with exercises that allowed both longer-term practitioners like me, and newer students get a full experience. This is brilliant!


I learned how I can achieve information from my innerself by using poems, words, music and other points of view. It’s very additional to focusing


A fun, “tasty” class presenting complex aspects of TAE in manageable “bites.” The two presenters are skilled and complement each other.


A Taste of TAE was well organized and was not intimidating to persons new to TAE. It was fun as promised. And everyone got to participate and be heard. There were a lot of experiential exercises using one’s felt sense with amazing results. I ended wanting to learn more.


What a sprightly, challenging exploration! This work helps us use bits of TAE in our daily lives.


This is valuable work!