We invite you to an experiential workshop, where you will explore the creative and stimulating power of Thinking At the Edge, TAE. Through playful and meaningful exercises in which you connect in a TAE way to music, art, and pieces of literature, you will experience how new meanings will emerge for your understanding of your being in the world. We will teach you what we mean by connecting in a TAE way, including how our bodily feeling is affected by what we see, hear and read.


During five playful, interactive two-hour workshops related to specific steps of TAE, we connect experientially to concepts of Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit, like Experiencing, Interaction First and Crossing Everything by Everything (eveving).


This course will be fun for experienced focusers well as beginners.


Bring your friends!


Dates and Times

Five Wednesdays 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST (New York Time)

August 31 – (your time)

September 14 - (your time)

September 28 - (your time)

October 12 - (your time)

October 26 - (your time)



- The classes are taught through Zoom. The information to get easy access will be sent upon payment.

- The number of participants will be limited.

- Recordings will be provided after each class.

- Understanding English is required, however we encourage you to use your native language when in pairs and  

  hopefully the group can help you translate. Hanspeter also speaks German and French.


Registration and Payment

- US $ or CHF 220.00 for five classes, paid in advance.

- US $ or CHF 200.00 before August 15, 2022. Former students have early bird pricing.


Cost includes documentation and voice recording.

A percentage goes to The International Focusing Institute.


Payment options

- through PayPal and credit cards on Wendi's website - drwendimaurer.com.

- send your check to Wendi S. Maurer, Ph.D., 3252 Holiday Court, #101; La Jolla, CA 92037

  Please note "A Taste of TAE."

- Bank Transfer on Hanspeter Mühlethaler’s account

  IBAN CH05 0900 0000 3162 8611 3, BIC POFICHBEXXX, PostFinance AG, CH-3000 Bern

Contact us for more information:
Dr. Wendi Maurer
Focusing Oriented Psychologist drwendimaurer.com

3252 Holiday Court, #225;

La Jolla, CA 92037

(619) 701-7999

Dr. Hanspeter Mühlethaler

Physicist, Focusing Trainer TIFI


Falkenweg 10

4600 Olten, Switzerland

+41 79 619 9519